Weight loss tips from medical professionals

SHIFT IT focuses on getting the real facts and latest knowledge about weight loss through interviewing doctors & dieticians whilst also uncovering success stories of how people have successfully lost weight in a healthy, long term way.

The Impact of Weight Loss Medications like Ozempic with Dr Terri-Lynne South

In a recent interview with Dr. Terri-Lynne South, Chair of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) – Specific

Episode 16: The Evolution of Bariatric Surgery with Professor Wendy Brown

Welcome to the SHIFT IT podcast, with our host Glennis Winnet. Join Glennis as she introduces Professor Wendy Brown, an

Obesity is a Disease with Prof. John Dixon

Joined by Dr John Dixon, the Swinburne and Melbourne University Professor, we discover the genetic and environmental conditions that may

Menopause and Weight Gain with Dr Catherine Bacus

This week we are joined with Dr. Catherine Bacus, a Melbourne-based General Practitioner who specialises in bariatrics and is the

Carol Angelosanto: My Weight Loss Journey

Carol Angelosanto joins us this week and talks her long-term struggles with her weight dating back to childhood. We also discuss societal pressures surround the number on the scales, and the debilitating impacts her weight had on her day-to-day activities

The Physical and Mental history of Obesity with Rob Anderson

In this podcast, I am joined by Rob Anderson, current CEO of Musculoskeletal Australia and former CEO of People and Parks Foundation, Disability Sport and Recreation, Australian Professional Footballers’ Association and the AFL Umpires’ Association.

Episode 11: The Mediterranean Diet with Dr/Prof. Antigone Kouris

Dr/Prof Antigone Kouris chats with Glennis about the Mediterranean diet and how her nutrition textbooks and research helped put the diet on the maps in the 1990s. You’ll receive insights on a career in research, being an author and a professor, as well as what makes the Mediterranean diet stand out. We also talk about the unique nutrition profile of lupins, and why they’re so beneficial for our diet.

The Truth About Unhealthy Eating Habits with Dr Cameron Norsworthy

Dr Cameron Norswothy joins us this week, a Melbourne-based orthopaedic surgeon who used Formulite to transform his eating habits. By consistently exercising and focusing on a healthy diet, Dr Norsworthy was able to lose over 10kg in 3 months.

Diabetes and the Savvy Dietitian with Savina Rego

Savina Rego A.K.A The Savvy Dietitian is an APD as well as a diabetes educator, who has built a following of more than 130K people on her educational Instagram account where she shares nutritional comparisons between perceived healthy food and ‘junk’ food and debunks diet myths.

The modern risk of obesity with Sally-Anne Livock

Sally-Anne Livock, an APD with over 30 years experience as a clinical dietitian and 15 years experience working in bariatrics joins us on this weeks episode of Shift It. We discuss why it is that some people struggle to lose weight more than others, and how bariatric surgery can lead to lifestyle changes that improve overall health and wellbeing. 

An Insight Into Bariatric Surgery with Dr John Jorgensen

For episode 7 I am joined by Dr John Jorgensen, Director of Bariatric Surgical Services at Australia’s highest volume bariatric

Weight Loss Management with Dr Tony Brancatisano

This week on Shift It, I am joined by Dr Tony Brancatisano. Tony is a senior bariatric medical professional and research scientist with almost 17 years of experience in surgical and medical weight management.