SHIFT IT | Episode 14

Menopause and Weight Gain with Dr Catherine Bacus

This week we are joined with Dr. Catherine Bacus, a Melbourne-based General Practitioner who specialises in bariatrics and is the founder of Alevia Medical Weight Loss – a group of primary care clinics in Melbourne and Adelaide specialising in medical obesity management. Throughout her career, Dr Catherine Bacus discovered that weight loss is greater than lifestyle changes and moving more, while it can be attributed to genetic and chronic conditions. Dedicated to alleviating the stigma and burden of obesity, her passion, empathy, and expertise enable her to support her patients throughout their weight loss journey through evidence-based approaches to provide patients with a healthy lifestyle and greater wellbeing. In this episode, Dr. Catherine Bacus and Glennis Winnet discuss the weight gain during menopause and emphasise the effects this period may have on a woman’s weight and body.

Training and mentoring GPs, Dr. Catherine Bacus is committed to educating patients and promoting weight management awareness, maintaining a compassionate and informative approach, so patients can achieve the treatment and care they deserve. Focusing on the hormonal and physical changes a woman’s body may endure through hormonal to physical changes, the pair discuss how these changes may develop into weight gain and how to manage the changes and promote weight loss. We discover, through Dr Catherine Bacus’s expertise, the tools and techniques to promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle as our body manages the changing hormones while acknowledging and recognising the struggle individuals may incur.