SHIFT IT | Episode 13

Carol Angelosanto: My Weight Loss Journey

Carol Angelosanto joins us this week, the Head of Marketing for 20 years at the Westfield Group and now the founder of her own strategic and creative agency – Marketing Warehouse, which operates across three continents.
Carol talks to us about her long-term struggles with her weight, dating back to her childhood, and how she never let it interfere with becoming the trailblazing businesswoman she is today.
We also discuss societal pressures surrounding the number on the scales, and the debilitating impacts her weight had on her day-to-day activities. She reveals what finally made her feel confident enough to seek medical advice for weight loss surgery, while urging those who are hesitant about taking the next step to just go for it.
You’ll also hear about the life-changing physiological benefits that accompany significant weight loss and taking the next step to booking in a consult with a Bariatric Surgeon.