Weight loss tips from medical professionals

SHIFT IT focuses on getting the real facts and latest knowledge about weight loss through interviewing doctors & dieticians whilst also uncovering success stories of how people have successfully lost weight in a healthy, long term way.

Intermittent Fasting vs Energy Restriction with Dr Stephen Keenan

In this episode of Shift It, I am joined by Dr Stephen Keenan. Stephen is an expert in sports dietetics, a lecturer at Swinburne University and a recent PhD graduate.

Low Carb Diets with Rod Tayler

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Rod Tayler, who is an Australian anaesthetist with an interest in low carb nutrition. He is the founder of Low Carb Down Under website which hosts a range of resources to assist people to optimise their health and weight.

All Things Lupins with David Fienberg

In this week’s episode, we are joined by David Fienberg, managing director at the Lupin Co. We will be discussing all things Lupins, as they are the core ingredient (and superfood!) which can be found in Formulite’s lupin soups.

Body Image & Weight Stigma with Glenn Mackintosh

In the second episode of my new podcast, I speak with Glenn Macintosh, a psychologist focusing on weight management, about body image and weight stigma.

Introduction to Glennis and Formulite

Hear from me, Glennis Winnett, Formulite’s CEO and advocate of healthy and sustainable weight loss in my first podcast.