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Formulite is committed to supporting dietitians with nutritionally superior weight loss products that are specifically designed to minimise gastro intestinal irritation whilst maximising satiety and compliance. Request a sample
Clinical Protocols

The Formulite Very Low Energy Diet Clinical Protocols are intended to support dietitians caring for patients requiring a VLED for either medical or bariatric purposes.

Bariatric Protocol

The Bariatric Protocol identifies specific nutritional issues for bariatric patients and guides health care professionals about the best use of Formulite products for patients who may benefit from using a VLED.

10 reasons why Formulite is a compelling proposition for your patients.

High Protein

Formulite is the highest protein VLED on the Australian Market and currently the only product that meets the recommended daily protein for both male & female patients with high BMI.

Low carbohydrate & low sugar

Formulite is low carbohydrate and low sugar to achieve ketosis and in turn liver shrinkage.

Pre & Probiotics

Formulite is currently the only Australian VLED that contains Pre Er Probiotics for gut health.

No fillers or artificial sweeteners

Formulite has no fillers (milk powders or added sugar), contains minimal lactose and no artificial sweeteners making it easier on the stomach (less GI irritation).

24 essential vitamins & minerals

Formulite is nutritionally complete – the ideal daily mix of protein, fibre, healthy omega fats and 24 essential vitamins and minerals — to help patients achieve optimal weight loss management.

Evidence-based research

Formulite is committed to evidence-based research We have partnered with researchers and dietitians to validate our claims.

Australian owned

Formulite is a 100% Australian company, with a focus on locally produced ingredients and 24/7 customer support.

Gold standard in bariatric care

Formulite is committed to helping surgical and clinical teams provide the gold standard of bariatric and medical care, and to reducing the devastating comorbidities associated with obesity such as diabetes, hypertension and arthritis.

Recommended by industry leaders

Formulite has a growing base of surgical and non-surgical patients. Formulite shakes are recommended by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and stocked by pharmacies and health food stores.

Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shakes

Our shakes are created using a high protein formula that is designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Formulite High Protein Lupin Soups

Lunch after a run, or lunch on the run? If you’re on the hunt for a fuss-free, low carb snack look no further.

Formulite Meal Replacement Bars

Formulite bars provide high protein and a good source of fibre in one convenient, delicious and nutritious meal.