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Accredited Practising Dietitian Savina Rego answers some questions about weight loss, what to bear in mind if you have type 2 diabetes and why helping the scales shift isn’t the only use for meal replacement shakes.

What it’s really like to lose half your body weight

Finding a woman in 2020 who has never struggled with her weight, too much or too little of it, is still rarer than an office birthday cake going around without a single, “just a tiny slice for me!”.…

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See why Formulite is fast becoming Australia’s favourite meal replacement shake with 5 delicious flavours available in tubs, take-anywhere shake & takes and now convenient sachets.


Weight loss meal replacement podcast

Dr Natasha Andreadis speaks with Glennis Winnett on the importance of Formulite Meal Replacement Shakes & Soups.

Formulite weight loss meal replacements with Glennis Winnett

Dr Natasha Andreadis (The Fanny Mechanic) dives into the topic of Weight Loss and Meal replacements. Listen as she talks with Glennis Winnett the woman behind the business Formulite. Glennis open up about how and why she created a product that helps people lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight.

  • Why does Formulite include Lupin in their product range?
  • How can we use meal replacements? Can anyone use them?
  • What role do they play in weight loss surgery?