SHIFT IT | Episode 15

Obesity is a Disease with Prof. John Dixon

Joined by Dr John Dixon, the Swinburne and Melbourne University Professor, we discover the genetic and environmental conditions that may develop into obesity in an individual. Dr John Dixon is one of the leading clinical researchers into obesity, creating impactful studies regarding the risks and complications of obesity in conjunction with weight loss treatments and their effect on our health. Beginning his career as a country General Practitioner, Dr John Dixon became inspired to research and investigate the issue of obesity and the impact it has in Australia and globally.
The experienced clinician has produced over 300 original research and review publications in the obesity and weight gain area of health and is well-versed and experienced with all effective weight management therapies currently available. The doctor and clinician focus on translating theories and findings into clinical practice and advocacy for patients.
Through this episode, we focus on the associations beyond nutrition, diet, and exercise that may impact our weight and evolve into obesity. With an emphasis on developments in our society and lifestyle, Dr John Dixon discusses how we may be more inclined to gain weight in our everyday lives as we change and advance in our regular routines. The researcher forwards the notion that our weight may be a product of our environment and disregards the tendency to blame patients but rather promotes patient education and effective weight management treatments.