Meal Replacement Bars

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Shakes, bars and soups to help you lose weight fast

Medically formulated, without tasting like medicine, Formulite could be just what the doctor ordered. Shop now

How to get started

Our shakes keep you feeling fuller for longer

Formulite’s meal replacement shakes are high in protein, helping you feel fuller without the fuller figure. They’re also low carb, helping burn fat more efficiently.

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Starter Bundles

We’ve put together cost-effective stater bundles to get you on the right path

Meal Replacement Shakes

Our shakes made with quality ingredients, not cheap fillers. Each flavour is high in protein and low in sugar and lactose.

Lupin Soups

Lunch after a run, or lunch on the run?
These low carb snacks are full of protein with less than 100 calories.

Our soups are high protein, low carb – the perfect keto snack

Our delicious gluten-free, dairy-free Lupin soups are perfect for snacking – each one has less than 100 calories! They’re also high in prebiotics, fibre and antioxidants, aiding gut health.

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Why Choose Formulite Shakes and Soups?

Formulite has the highest protein of any Australian VLCD meal replacement. It’s also the only brand that meets the protein requirement for patients with a high BMI.

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