Weight Loss Shakes and Diet Lupin Soups

Why Choose Formulite?

Formulite Meal Replacement Shakes

High Protein

Formulite high protein meal replacement shakes may keep you feeling fuller for longer

Low Sugar/Carbs

Formulite low sugar meal replacement shakes help achieve ketosis and burn fat more efficiently

Pre & Probiotics

Formulite meal replacement shakes contain pre and probiotics which aid gut health

Gluten Free & Low Lactose

Formulite meal replacement shakes are gentle on the stomach

Great Taste

Formulite meal replacement shakes weight loss shakes taste great without tasting like medicine

Formulite shakes have been scientifically formulated and developed with leading Australian dietitians & healthcare professionals.

Our delicious shakes are bursting with goodness – each serve providing a healthy balance of high-protein, low-carb and low-sugar INGREDIENTS - in one convenient, delicious and nutritious shake. A good daily source of fibre, Formulite also provides the ideal daily mix of protein, fibre, healthy omega fats and 24 essential vitamins and minerals – all helping you achieve optimal weight loss management.

What’s more you won’t find any of the chemical nasties that pop up in some other VLED shakes, we’re free from artificial sweeteners, gluten and cheap fillers like milk powders.





It’s Run-ch time!

Tastes Great

Formulite lupin soups taste just like soup you would make at home.

High Protein

Formulite lupin soups are high in protein which may help keep you feeling full for longer

Low Sugar/Carbs

Formulite lupin soups ar low in sugars & carbs helping you achieve ketosis.

High In Fibre

Formulite lupin soups are high in fibre which may help you maintain gut health

Gluten & Lactose Free

Formulite lupin soups are gentle on your stomach



Lunch after a run? Or lunch on the run? If you’re on the hunt for a fuss-free, low carb snack look no further.

Our lupin soups are fortified with 23 essential vitamins & minerals – providing you with a delicious snack that is high in protein, prebiotics, fibre and antioxidants that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Dr Natasha Andreadis speaks with Glennis Winnett on the importance of Formulite Meal Replacement Shakes & Soups.
Dr Natasha Andreadis (The Fanny Mechanic) dives into the topic of Weight Loss and Meal replacements. Listen as she talks with Glennis Winnett the woman behind the business Formulite. Glennis open up about how and why she created a product that helps people lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Why does Formulite include Lupin in their product range?
  • How can we use meal replacements? Can anyone use them?
  • What role do they play in weight loss surgery?


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  • Claire Barton
    Since having children, I have struggled over the years to lose weight and regain my old energy levels. Formulite has helped to curb my cravings and reach for unhealthy snacks. For busy mums, I highly recommend this product.”
    Claire Barton
    Mum of 3
  • Kate Kavanagh
    An enormous amount of time and clinical research has gone into the development of this protein drink – so I was confident of what I was buying. I have found no awful aftertaste, which seems quite common with some other drinks. It is super easy to stay on track.”
    Kate Kavanagh
    Head of Communications, Government Relations, ESR and Live Entertainment at the Walt Disney Company
  • Andrew Ridings

    I blitz Formulite with ice and drink it on the go when taking the kids to school or on the way to work. The “shake and take” bottles are convenient and Formulite isn’t super sweet. Since replacing breakfast with Formulite (and without changing anything else except stopping snacking), I have lost 19.5kg in 6 months.

    Andrew Ridings
    Head of Marketing and client Experience at Crestone Wealth Management
  • I used Formulite as a VLED before surgery, but now I use it once daily as a weight maintenance protein shake. There’s a big range of flavours, the bottles are BPA free and you can hide them in your handbag.  As much as we try, five daily serves of vegies aren’t everyone’s cup of carrot juice! So I know Formulite gives my body what it needs – to help keep me going all day, everyday
    Shannon Taylor
    Bariatric Patient


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