Formulite shakes are scientifically-balanced. Each shake provides an optimal mix of protein, fibre, healthy omega fats, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals – delivering maximum nutrition and weight-management control with a diet reduced in energy and including regular exercise.

Healthier Protein

Cross flow micro-filtered whey protein from grass fed cows. Using a blend of fast and slow acting proteins keeping you fuller for longer.

Healthier Fat

We use LSA (linseed, sunflower, almond) providing an excellent source of Omega 6,9 fats.

Healthier Sugar

Naturally sweetened with Stevia (which has zero calories), Formulite has no added or artificial sugars.

No added carbohydrates

The carbohydrates in Formulite do not come from added sugar, fructose, or fillers.



Formulite Lupin Soups are a delicious blend of Lupin flakes fortified with 23 essential vitamins & minerals (chicken & beef flavours) – providing a satisfying soup that is very high in protein, prebiotics, fibre and antioxidants, yet low in carbs and fats and is also gluten and dairy free!

Best of all, Lupin is renowned for increasing satiety (a feeling of fullness thereby reducing\cravings); helping to lower your food intake through the day.

Formulite Lupin Soups come in three flavours Beef, Chicken and Vegetarian.



Formulite has created a low carbohydrate meal replacement shake and soup that can assist in achieving Ketosis to aid in weight loss.

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  • I've tried a lot of protein powders and meal replacements and the Formulite Shakes are some of the best I've ever tasted. I like the Choc Hazelnut, but really fell in love with the Honeycomb - It tasted more like a treat than a meal replacement - Great Work Guys!
    Chris Glebatsas
    LQD Skincare
  • Since having 3 children, I have struggled over the years to lose weight and regain my energy levels. I was thrilled to discover the Formulite meal replacement shakes as a healthy food alternative and handy snack when on the go all day. I find the Formulite shakes to be extremely satisfying and filling, and has helped to curb my appetite and reduced the desire to reach for those unhealthy quick snacks. The Shake and Take option is particularly handy for me when I am out all day and provides a great healthy alternative for a busy mum. While my journey has just begun, already I can see the benefits of weight loss and improvements in my energy levels. My experience dealing with Glennis and her team when ordering the product has been very professional and I would highly recommend this product.
    Claire Barton
  • High quality protein and you get to choose from 2 amazing flavours. Honeycomb is next level! Quick & easy after a workout or as a snack in between meals. Highly recommended!!
    Lachi McFarlane
    Burn Lab
  • I've been drinking the honeycomb shakes all week and…totally loving them! Awesome product, great taste and good solubility. I chucked out my IsoWhey and am a convert. Massive triumph Glennis - well done!
    Matt Sheahan
  • I was introduced to Formulite by its creator – Glennis Winnett. I knew that an enormous amount of time had gone into the research and development of this protein drink – so I was confident of what I was buying. Formulite is everything it says it is - a healthy balanced protein drink. Formulite tastes great and I have found that there isn’t that awful aftertaste that I get when I have used other protein drink products. The taste is great and I have now tried both the choc hazelnut and the honeycomb. They are really yum. I shake them up with some ice and I have a meal that travels with me, is convenient and satisfying. Like many people, I am balancing work, a family and lots of demands. The last thing I am focusing on is planning my food intake. That’s where Formulite comes into play for me. I replace 1-2 meals a day and know that I am still getting vitamins, minerals and will also have a heap of energy to get on with my day. It is also super convenient and easy to stay on track with Formulite.
    Kate Kavanagh
  • I have always enjoyed exercising, but all I managed to do was stabilise my weight rather than actually lose it. Cue Formulite! I started using Formulite shakes after my workouts in the morning and used it to replace my normal snacking breakfast. The combination of proteins help me to feel satisfied, stopping me snacking, and providing me with the nutrients that I need. I usually blitz Formulite with ice, and drink it on the go, either taking the kids to school or on the way to work. You actually save time by using Formulite! It is tasty and smooth – it has the taste and consistency of your favourite milkshake. So, what are the results? Well over the last year, since I have started my Formulite journey, without changing anything else (except for stopping the snacking and replacing my breakfast), I have dropped nearly 20kgs. I feel great and it is so easy to use. It is a great product; it taste great and - most importantly – it really works.


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