2 Week Rapid Weight Loss / Pre Surgery Shake & Soup Pack


This meal plan is a very-low-calorie-diet (VLCD) designed to produce fast weight loss.

* Please note: We have updated our formula by now including MCT oil instead of LSA as our healthy fat source. This has improved the mouth feel of our shakes to make them smoother, as well as making them nut-free. Whilst we have tried to maintain the flavour profile, it may have changed slightly.

A great choice of flavours, along with a tailored meal plan, tasty recipes and a handy shaker will help you lose weight.

This bespoke pack serves two purposes; as a rapid short term weight loss tool or to prepare for bariatric surgery and is designed to last 2 weeks.

Following a VLED/VLCD Meal Plan for 2-3 weeks before surgery is recommended by most bariatric surgeons and dieticians.  Additional shakes & soups will need to be purchased for pre-op diets longer than 2 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Good value

Needs some more details on how to manage the the side effects of a major dietary change.

Great value and AMAZING taste!

Great value! I wanted to try the soup when getting my regular order, the Chicken Lupin soup was delicious! I've now ordered all 3 since the weather is cooling down to replace having shakes every morning. I love all of the Formulite products! Can't believe it took me so long to get a shaker bottle, best I've ever had, no lumps ever. Honeycomb and Banana are my go to shake flavours. :)

Simple and satisfying

So simple to prepare, and very successful.

Weight loss WOW!

Quite an amazing weight loss. 5.6 kilos in 2 weeks.
If you can stick to the plan it gives great results.


Loved it ordering more