4 Week Shake & Soup Weight Loss Pack


This 4 Week Weight Loss Kit will provide a tool to help achieve weight loss with reduced energy and including regular exercise.

* Please note: We have updated our formula by now including MCT oil instead of LSA as our healthy fat source. This has improved the mouth feel of our shakes to make them smoother, as well as making them nut-free. Whilst we have tried to maintain the flavour profile, it may have changed slightly.

Three tubs of Formulite shakes and one bag of lupin soup will last the 4 weeks if the meal plans are followed.

Great choice of flavours, along with tailored tasty recipes and a handy shaker will help you on your path to weight loss.

Formulite’s meal plans will take the guesswork out of planning your daily meals by recommending when to replace your meals with a shake and when to prepare whole foods.