Lupin Soup Box – Vegetable Flavour


Enjoy this satisfying snack and feel fuller longer with Formulite’s Lupin Soups.

Available in 3 delicious flavours – Vegetable, Beef & Chicken and packed with the many dietary benefits of lupin.

Formulite has also included 24 essential vitamins & minerals blended with lupin flakes to provide a soup that is very high in protein, probiotics, fibre and antioxidants, low in carbs and fats and is gluten and dairy free.

Lupin is also renowned for increasing satiety (a feeling of fullness thereby reducing cravings); helping to lower your food intake through the day.


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Energy 267 kj (64 Cal)
Protein 12.5 grams
Carbs 2.5 grams
Sugars 0.7 grams
Fibre 10.5 grams
High Protein
Low Sugar
Low Carbs
Pre & Probiotics
Gluten Free & Low Lactose
Australian made & owned

Nutritional Information

Serving size 38g
Servings per sachet: 1

NutritionAvg qty per servingAvg qty per 100ml
Energy267 kJ (65 Cal)107 kJ
Protein12.5 g5.0 g
- GlutenNil detectedNil detected
- Saturated0.25 g0.1 g
Carbohydrates2.5 g1.0 g
- Sugars0.7 g0.3 g
Dietary Fibre10.5 g4.2 g
Sodium450 mg180 mg
Potassium285 mg114 mg

Contains lupins.

May contain: peanuts, sesame, soy and tree nuts.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin & Minerals
Quantum per serve
(RDI) claimed
Percent RDI as per FSANZ
Schedule 29-12 Per serve 35g in 250ml
Calcium400 mg50%
Magnesium160 mg50%
Vitamin C25mg62.5%
Niacin6 mg60%
Iron6 mg50%
Vitamin E5 mg50%
Zinc5 mg40%
Vitamin B52.7mg57.4%
Riboflavin850 μg50%
Copper800 μg27%
Vitamin B6800 μg50%
Thiamin550 μg50%
Vitamin A332 μg44%
Folate133 μg66.5%
Iodine75 μg50%
Molybdenum67 μg27%
Chromium33 μg16.5%
Organic Selenium14 μg20%
Biotin6.7 μg23%
Vitamin D5 μg25%
Vitamin B121.7 μg85%
Hero Ingredients

Lupins, Prebiotic fiber, Vitamins and Minerals.

Lupin flakes (74%), vegetables [onion powder, tomato powder, spinach powder, celery, carrot, garlic], thickener (guar gum), salt, maize starch, spices, extra virgin olive oil, rice bran oil, flavour enhancers (disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate), anticaking agent (silicon dioxide).

MINERALS: Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, molybdenum, chromium, selenium. VITAMINS: Vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin E, vitamin B5, niacin, vitamin B6, thiamin, vitamin A, folate, biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12.

Contains lupins.

May contain: peanuts, sesame, soy and tree nuts.

Directions How to use our meal replacement soups
Empty contents of one soup sachet into a mug/bowl
Fill with 250ml of hot water
Stir for 30 seconds before eating. Use a spoon as the lupins like to rest on the bottom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lorna Elliott
Sounds excellent

I would like to try your shakes. How ever I am lactose intolerant, so does your shakes have diary?

Hi Lorna,

we are glad you are interested in finding out more about our Formulite shakes.
Yes, our shakes do contain lactose, the typical amount per 55g serve is 2.22 grams. Our shakes do not contain skim milk powder.

(Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate (from Milk), Micellar Casein (from Milk), Whey Protein Isolate (from Milk))
Hoping that you can tolerate the low lactose amount.
The Formulite Team

Paul Barnes
An excellent tasty meal replacement

Whilst the weather has warmed up considerably I was still eager to try this alternative to the shakes. I found the Vegetable Lupin Soup both very tasty and filling. Of all the Formulite products this would be my favourite in terms of taste and satisfaction.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your review. And we are thrilled that you are enjoying our soups.

Whilst they are a low calorie snack, you can add more vegetables, or steamed proteins to make them into a full meal.

The Formulite Team

Great Tasting Soup

Wow...for a low calorie soup this tastes great! It is delicious. I enjoyed 'eating' the bits that rested at the bottom at the end of drinking my soup! A nice way to finish it off!

Laura Presser
Better than expected!

I absolutely love the vegetable lupin soup. Very tasty and filling. Will keep buying.

Great snack

A great high protein snack for vegetarians