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Whether you’re managing weight loss or adding lean muscle, this ideal blend of high-quality proteins – including natural whey protein for easy digestion – ensures your body will enjoy the benefits of Formulite Shakes as much as your taste buds do.

Formulite shakes and Soups are scientifically-balanced.

Each shake provides an optimal mix of protein, fibre, healthy omega fats, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals – delivering maximum nutrition and weight-management control.


Importance of Protein in Training

Eating or drinking quality, easy to digest protein during training is especially important, as your body will have the best chance of protein and nutrient uptake at this time.

By incorporating resistance training, you are able to increase lean muscle tissue, which enhances your metabolism. Muscle is your fat-burning machinery. If you add a small amount of lean muscle you are able to burn off extra calories, even at rest. By adding 1kg of lean muscle, you can potentially burn an additional 100 calories (418 kJ) each day even at rest. Combined with 20–30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise this can have a synergistic effect on changing your body composition and, ultimately, the shape of your body.

Want to Change Your Shape?

If changing your body composition is your primary goal (losing body fat and gaining lean muscle) it’s important to be aware of the importance of protein. As part of a healthy diet and exercise plan, lean protein helps maintain and repair your lean muscle tissue.

Remember, this lean muscle will also help you burn off more calories – even at rest.

Preparation of your meals is important, but not always easy. Cooking your chicken, beef, eggs, fish, etc. for frequent small meals throughout the day is great, but doesn’t always go to plan. This is why we’ve created Formulite. It’s perfect for when your miss breakfast, lunch on the run or for your pre or post-workout nutrition needs.

Formulite’s Meal Replacements are more than just a protein shake.

Formulite uses very high quality ingredients. The combination of fast and slow-acting whey, derived from the milk of grass-fed cows, works with the added essential fats from LSA, extra fibre, vitamins and minerals, prebiotics and probiotics. You can be confident that when you replace your meal, you haven’t missed out, and are on your way to achieving your goals.


Convenience of Formulite

Convenience of breakfast or lunch or Protein boosts on-the-go.



So Many Ways to Enjoy Formulite

Formulite Shakes are the perfect tool to help you achieve and maintain ideal weight and achieve optimal health. There are many ways to use Formulite shakes in your long-term eating plan.

Some examples are:

  • As a convenient lunch at your desk
  • Quick and easy breakfast on-the-go
  • Fill up before heading out for dinner or drinks to aid with portion control
  • Pre or post workout to aid muscle recovery and growth
  • As dinner to control sweet cravings and night snacking
  • A nutritious meal replacement for busy days
  • A healthy alternative to take-away meals
  • Create a balanced, low-calorie meal by pairing Formulite with fresh fruit for a quick and easy meal idea


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