SHIFT IT | Episode 11

Episode 11: The Mediterranean Diet with Dr/Prof. Antigone Kouris

Dr/Prof Antigone Kouris, an Adjunct Associate Professor at La Trobe University with a PhD in the Mediterranean diet joins us this week on Shift It. Dr Kouris has co-authored several nutrition textbooks and her research played a key role in putting the Mediterranean diet on the map in the 1990s.

You’ll receive insights on a career in research, being an author and a professor, as well as what makes the Mediterranean diet stand out. We also talk about the unique nutrition profile of lupins, and why they’re so beneficial for our diet.
We also discuss:
  • The truth behind low GI foods like protein bars

  • Processed foods

  • Healthy product alternatives and product recommendations

  • Impact of stress and chronic pain on the body

  • Dr Kouris’ own endeavour to create a healthy and wholesome snack alternative

Listen to find out why Dr Kouris’ thinks we should all be making the move towards a part-time vegetarian diet for weight loss.
Learn more about Antigone’s experience in publishing & research through the links to her papers below:
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