SHIFT IT | Episode 12

The Physical and Mental history of Obesity with Rob Anderson

In this podcast, I am joined by Rob Anderson, current CEO of Musculoskeletal Australia and former CEO of People and Parks Foundation, Disability Sport and Recreation, Australian Professional Footballers’ Association and the AFL Umpires’ Association.

With a long and distinguished career in leading not for profit organisations across a number of sectors, Rob has a reputation for delivering organisational success. With particular focus on community advocacy and welfare, he lets us in on his achievements in developing and leading strategic transformation and innovation thus far. We also go through the impacts of musculoskeletal conditions and the causes that are often undermined by many.

Rob sheds light on the unspoken aspects of living with musculoskeletal conditions such as reduced quality of life involving their family and personal relationships, mental health, and intimacy with their partners.

Rob shares how Musculoskeletal Australia is able to help people with over 150 conditions including osteoarthritis, early onset arthritis, back pain, gout and more. Rob claims 3.1 million Australians deal with back pain and 1 in 6 Australians suffer from non-specific back pain. He discusses the common causes of these issues including soft tissue injuries, sprains, depression, poor sleep and more.

To find out more information about how you can seek assistance with your musculoskeletal conditions, visit or call the nurses at 1800 263 265