SHIFT IT | Episode 8

The modern risk of obesity with Sally-Anne Livock

I’m joined by Sally-Anne Livock, an APD with over 30 years experience as a clinical dietitian and 15 years experience working in bariatrics.

We discuss why it is that some people struggle to lose weight more than others, and how bariatric surgery can lead to lifestyle changes that improve overall health and wellbeing.

Sally-Anne tells us that a combination of lack of movement and exercise, our busy schedules and genetics are the three key factors that affect weight loss. We also discuss the role that diet plays in obesity and weight gain – with the surprising statistic that processed foods now make up 30% of the average Australian’s food intake.

Also in this episode:

  • putting in the time before and after bariatric surgery
  • importance of maintaining a balanced diet
  • keeping up your vitamins, especially after bariatric surgery
  • meal planning
  • keeping your fluids up

Listen to hear more.


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