SHIFT IT | Episode 9

Diabetes and the Savvy Dietitian with Savina Rego

For episode 9 of Shift It, I am joined by Savina Rego A.K.A the Savvy Dietitian. Savina is an accredited practicing dietitian as well as a diabetes educator, who has built a following of more than 130K people on her educational Instagram account where she shares nutritional comparisons between perceived healthy food and ‘junk’ food and debunks diet myths.

We chat Type I and II Diabetes, as well as the common misconceptions that surround the conditions. Savina breaks down the difference and delves into the complications that can arise as a result. We talk about what being pre-diabetic means and why it is important to make changes when you’re diagnosed as such.

What does Savina think are the most important factors for weight loss and the management or prevention of diabetes? Consistency. Consistency with health goals and eating well. Listen to hear more.


More about Savina:

Savina is based in Perth, Western Australia and has worked across multiple areas. Savina’s clinical areas of expertise include Diabetes Management (type 1 and 2), pre-diabetes, fatty liver disease and aged care; which includes a range of dietetic specific areas e.g. pressure injury management, nasogastric feeds, malnutrition, chronic kidney disease, stoma management and texture modified diets. Savina also has an interest in the area of bariatric surgery and IBS management, specifically the low FODMAP diet.


We hope you enjoy this episode, reach out to me via LinkedIn or on email [email protected] if you have a successful weight loss story to share or if you would like to be a guest.

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