SHIFT IT | Episode 7

An Insight Into Bariatric Surgery with Dr John Jorgensen

For episode 7 I am joined by Dr John Jorgensen, Director of Bariatric Surgical Services at Australia’s highest volume bariatric hospital, St George Private. We delve into all things bariatrics – reasons to have it, varying results, and trends in weight loss surgery. After practicing bariatric surgery for over 20 years, Dr Jorgensen has seen many changes to the way bariatric surgery is performed, as well as many different ways weight loss can look, and has developed a strong understanding of the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and effectively, and sustainably, losing weight.
Dr Jorgensen believes that there are both physical and psychological causes for excessive weight gain, and therefore to lose weight it requires a shift in mindset and lifestyle. We also discuss the metabolic and physical repercussions of obesity which can lead to many serious health conditions, in particular insulin resistance, which many are unaware can be reversed through bariatric surgery and weight loss.
Dr Jorgensen’s approach to managing obesity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthy foods and avoid over-eating processed ones. He believes that even the smallest of lifestyle changes inevitably add up, like taking a short daily walk, or reducing your carb intake. Dr Jorgensen’s advice goes for all people wanting to better manage their weight to improve the quality and quantity of their life.
We hope you enjoy our seventh episode, reach out to me via LinkedIn or on email [email protected] if you have a successful weight loss story to share or if you would like to be a guest.
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