Hydrolysed collagen


Hydrolyzed collagen is making waves in the health food industry, hyped as the “next big thing” in anti-aging, joint health and even gut health.

But what exactly is collagen? It is the most abundant structural protein in the human body, and is one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. As we age the amount of collagen our body produces decreases. A visible sign of this is in our skin, which becomes less firm.

Hydrolyzed collagen, also known as collagen peptides, are the most common form of collagen supplementation available. When collagen is hydrolyzed, it’s broken down into smaller, easy to digest particles.

Hydrolyzed collagen is made either from fish or cow by-products and is high source of protein. It is sold as a tasteless, easily dissolvable powder that can be added to almost anything.

There are many reported benefits to using hydrolyzed collagen, such as younger-looking skin, better joint health, improved gut health, and a decrease in the symptoms of osteoarthritis. With all these potential benefits, it is easy to see why people are becoming more and more interested in trying the product for themselves.

The evidence for using collagen supplementation for skin health and joint pain is promising, and research into this area is steadily growing. Although the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen supplementation are not conclusive, no harmful effects have been reported, meaning it won’t hurt to try it out if you feel it might benefit your lifestyle!

Aside from direct supplementation, other lifestyle choices you can make to help preserve your existing collagen, such as: