how to beat chocolate cravings

Snacks like these chocolate covered rice cakes are often purchased as a ‘healthy’ alternative to chocolate. I see this often working with clients who restrict chocolate because they label it as “bad”.


Is there an alternative to chocolate?

The truth is, ONLY chocolate will satisfy your chocolate cravings, and it is important to acknowledge that. When we don’t, we often consume twice as much later!
The main message here is to avoid trying to replace foods with “healthier” options. All foods CAN fit into a balanced diet!
If you are looking for a delicious chocolate combo, I highly recommend chocolate and raspberries together.
The raspberries are a more nutrient dense carbohydrate choice than puffed rice. Add some chocolate chips and you’ve got a delicious and nutritious option.

The chocolate covered rice cakes shown below cost $53.30 per kg vs raspberries for $38-$40 (if bought fresh). Make your own chocolate combo and save your pennies 💰!
Prices will very depending on where you live.

how to beat chocolate cravings


Marketed as wholegrain rice cakes, gluten free and all natural.

Calorie dense and nutrient poor

Low fibre, will leave you wanting more (you’ll end up eating the chocolate you were avoiding)



Still gluten free, real fruit, provides a good source fibre!

Nutrient dense, low calorie

Large volume, will keep you feeling full and satisfied

If you enjoy chocolate covered rice cakes instead of chocolate, then by all means continue with selecting them, BUT if you’re only picking them because they are supposedly ‘healthy’ and aren’t actually enjoying them as much as you would chocolate, then stop.







*Price of raspberries – Dec 2019 Coles Supermarket Western Australia
*Nutrition values based on dark chocolate rice cakes

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