weight loss



Weight loss is really, really, hard.  No matter what anyone says to you, there is no easy way, no simple trick, no special diet and no special pill that will dramatically or easily help you lose weight!

Tricks, schemes, strategies, plots, ploys, manoeuvres are there with the intention of deceiving or outwitting you.  This is the same with weight loss! If someone is offering you a magical cure, a miracle pill, an enchanted potion, or a mystic solution you should instantly know that it is a trick.  Magic is not real, and nor is any miracle scheme.  Sure, there may be things that can “help” you on the way to weight loss, but anything else is there to deceive you and to make the seller rich!

Special diets long term will, at best, result in temporary weight loss and only if you strictly follow the rules of that diet.  There are thousands of diet plans out there with some of the main ones being Paleo, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Mediterranean Diet, Carnivore Diets, Military Diets but NONE of these work for long term weight loss.  There are important eating habits that all people should follow – no matter your weight – and these should be in moderation, however extreme diets will only work if you intend to follow them strictly for the long term (and yes, that includes weekends).

Pills, unique foods, special vitamins, wonder drugs all sound great and often promise the world, however that is all they are.  There is no such thing as a “Miracle Water Drink”, “Miracle Diet Pills”, “Fatblaster tonics” or “Special Slimming Pills”.  In fact, the main ingredient in most of these items is SUGAR and the rest of the ingredients are often minimal or, in some circumstance, dangerous.

Specific exercises, although helpful (all exercise is helpful!) is not the easy way to lose weight. No “Vibrating Machine”, “All in one Home Gym” or “Latest online TV item (with the free set of steak knives) will radically reduce your weight on its own.  Sure, they may help – but only if they are part of an exercise program that you are willing to follow long term and keep to. Some of the simplest exercises, like Running, Walking, Biking or Swimming will do as much (or more) for you as a miracle “10 minutes on the latest device” plus you get the added advantage of being outdoors.

Weight loss is a long-term process.  This may mean that for effective weight loss you are looking at weeks, months or years.  It is a process that takes time, will power and determination.  You need a combination of exercise, routine change and diet over a sustained period.  To be successful, you need a plan, something you can keep to, that helps you work towards your goal weight. You need to make small permanent changes that change of time.  These changes create results that build momentum over time which help with further small permanent changes.

The Process of losing weight is all about learning the basics, learning about the food, learning what different exercises do and learning about how your body reacts to the different foods and exercise. It is about learning which choices to make to help you towards consistent, permanent and healthy weight loss, but still allows you to love life and be happy with what you are doing.  Having long term goals, you slowly work towards helping with the evitable “speed bumps” that occur along the way. Changing the ways you have done the things you do to put on the weight in the first place is how you can end up with the weight you wanted in the first place.