Busy People

Formulite for busy people

Intermittent Fasting

We all get so busy, it’s easy to do. With Formulite shakes and soups, eating nutritiously during these busy periods can be easy.

Formulite Shakes are a healthy and convenient meal replacement; while Formulite Soups are the perfect high-protein, low carb snack.

Formulite products are different. They are a healthy alternative to other shakes and soups that are high in sugar and lacking important nutrients.

Formulite shakes and soups are broken down by your digestive system more slowly – helping you satisfy your cravings and leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

So Many Ways to Enjoy Formulite

As a convenient lunch at your desk

Quick and easy breakfast on-the-go

Fill up before heading out for dinner or drinks to aid with portion control

Pre or post workout to aid muscle recovery and growth

As dinner to control sweet cravings and night snacking

A nutritious meal replacement for busy days

A healthy alternative to take-away meals

Create a balanced, low-calorie meal by pairing Formulite with fresh fruit for a quick and easy meal idea

Formulite Shakes are the perfect tool to help you achieve and maintain ideal weight and achieve optimal health. There are many ways to use Formulite shakes in your long-term eating plan.