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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Will Amadei
Thank you. This product has been amazing.

My dietician recommended this product as a weight loss aid, due to its efficacy and its superior nutritional profile compared to similar products. I was skeptical, but at 145 kg, I had nothing to gain by not giving it a go. Vigorous exercise was ruled out by a crook back, and I was finding it difficult to stick to a regular restricted calorie diet. The shake/bar/soup combination along with the 14-day Pre-Surgery plan has been amazing. I've managed to drop 22kg in 9 weeks. While some of the recipes in the meal plan are a little bland, and others have ingredients that are tricky to find, I've found I can rotate through 3 or 4 recipes making occasional substitutions and I seem to be doing OK. The hardest thing I've found is being around normal food. If I've eaten, then the Formulite product does a good job of making me feel sated - but the appetite is still there. I want to eat, but I don't feel like I need to eat. Most days, that seems to be enough.
The shakes are great. I find the sweetener is a little strong. I've never liked the aftertaste from aspartame or stevia, but I can tolerate it. Adding berries (blue- , black- and/or rasp- ) to the vanilla shakes covers it.
The bars are almost too good. I have nothing bad to say about them. They are much more filling than I expected. Really love these.
The soups I find are nothing to rave about, but nothing bad taste-wise. They do the job and supplemented with other parts of the meal plan, they're fine. More broth than soup, they taste no worse than Campbells or Maggi products. I rate the vegetable and chicken soups over the beef. A little chopped frozen veg helps if you want some extra texture - I steer clear of starchy veg like corn and pumpkin.
Overall, my results have been outstanding. I haven't found it difficult at all, and I've actually had fun prepping simple vegetable dishes that I would never have otherwise tried.

Hi Will! Thank you for taking the time to leave this review and what an incredible achievement. We like to let the shakes sit in the fridge for 20 mins or so before having them so they thicken up a bit. We are currently working on some new recipe books, so keep an eye out for an email from us :)

Not going to lie. It was tough

The 2 week intensive plan was tough and I couldn’t stomach the soups any longer than the two weeks, but managed to lose 4 kg so that was impressive. I found it hard to go straight onto the next plan after that. I also felt the second plan was too monotonous from the 2nd week so resorted to just the formulite shakes for breakfast- incorporated the snacks and reduced my serving size for lunch and dinner. Managing to lose just under 1 kg per week which is very adequate. I am a nutritionist and I wanted to e pediment with this product. I love the shakes, firstly they taste great. Secondly I love that they include the vitamins and minerals as well as prebiotics and probiotics to help with gut metabolism. Thirdly I love that it’s made in Australia. Thanks highly recommend the products and the intensive plan as a kick start

Veronnica Harris

I love the taste - especialky the banana flavour. It's not as sweet or strong as I thought and is delicious as a frozen treat.

Louise Sumner
Great taste

Terrific product and great tadte

Michaela McMahon
Pre surgery ebook

Easy recipes

Why choose Formulite?

Formulite have produced nutritionally superior high quality Meal Replacement Shakes, Meal Replacement Bars and Lupin Soups designed to maximise weight loss.

Low Sugar Meal Replacement Low sugar

Formulite low sugar meal replacement shakes are naturally sweetened with stevia. We don't use any cheap fillers such as artificial sweeteners.

Low Carb Meal Replacement Low carbs

Formulite low sugar meal replacement shakes help achieve ketosis and burn fat more efficiently.

High Protein Meal Replacement High Protein

Formulite high protein meal replacement shakes may keep you feeling fuller for longer.

24 add vitamins and minerals 24 added vitamins and minerals

24 essential vitamins and minerals to help patients achieve optimal weight loss management.

High nutrition High nutrition

Formulite high protein meal replacement shakes can keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Good source of fibre Good source of fibre

Formulite meal replacement shakes are gentle on the stomach.