4 Week Weight Loss Challenge


This 4 Week Weight Loss Kit will provide a tool to help achieve weight loss with reduced energy and including regular exercise.

Four Boxes of Formulite shakes will last the 4 weeks if one meal a day is replaced with a shake.

Great choice of flavours, along with a handy shaker will help you on your path to weight loss.

Try replacing one meal a day with our shakes as a part of a healthy low energy diet and exercise/lifestyle program.

Directions How to use our meal replacement sachets
Mix entire sachet (55g) in 250-350ml of cold water
Blend, shake or stir for 20-30 seconds or until powder is dissolved
Drink and enjoy the goodness

Customer Reviews

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Paul Barnes
A great initiative

I chose to replace just one meal per day initially, and after one week of the four week challenge I was delighted with my result. I had lost .9 of a kilo. After the full four weeks I had lost nearly 2.5 kilo’s. A great result in any ones book. I am now continuing with my third order having tried the Lupin Soups. Although the weather is very warm now these are my absolute favourite and they give me a real sense of meal satisfaction. Not withstanding the Christmas temptation to break out, the special ‘order 3 get one free’ on 770g tubs of shake are also a great incentive to keep the process going to reach my goal weight. I’m very happy that I took the 4 week challenge. It works!

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your review.
How satisfying when your hard work achieves what you are after, well done.
Good luck with achieving your health goals and we are very pleased that Formulite can assist you along the way.
The Formulite Team