Published Clinical Research –

Formulite vs Optifast Clinical Trial


We would like to share with you the results of the recently published Clinical Trial from Monash University’s Centre for Obesity Research and Education (CORE), comparing the performance of Optifast and Formulite VLCD Meal Replacement Shakes. The products were compared to asses compliance, weight loss, satisfaction and side effects.

Please feel welcome to read the published article by clicking on the link provided below, alternatively we’ve summarised the key findings for you.


Formulite achieves Ketosis more successfully,  helping you lose weight faster1

(Formulite achieved higher urinary ketones and these were positively correlated with total body weight loss)

1Urinary ketones measured at 2 weeks were used as an objective measure of adherence to the very low-calorie regime. Urinary ketones indicated lipolysis and ketosis, induced by dietary adherence to a very low calorie diet. Higher average urinary ketone concentrations were found in those on Formulite compared to Optifast. Furthermore, there was positive correlation between urinary ketosis and total body weight loss in both groups, strengthening its correlation with compliance.

Gastrointestinal side effects such as flatulence are minimised with Formulite2

(this was attributed to the higher fibre intake with Formulite)

2Fibre intake had been associated with improved gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with irritable bowel syndrome in two recent meta-analyses.

Emotional eating was reduced when using Formulite3

(Formulite has 70% more protein, which is related to patients feeling fuller for longer)

3Emotional eating was increased in Optifast, more so than Formulite. Satiety can affect compliance to a very low calorie diet and ultimately overall weight loss.


 Formulite is a more tolerable and viable alternative to Optifast for rapid weight loss4

(Formulite has more protein, less carbs, less sugar and includes pre & probiotics compared to Optifast)

4Formulite is a new VLCD that aims to retain the benefit of traditional VLCD, whilst reducing unwanted GI side effects. Like previous VLCD, it induces ketosis, thereby decreasing hunger and producing rapid weight loss. However, there are several differences in the formulation. Compared to traditional VLCD such as Optifast, Formulite has a higher protein content, with lower amounts of carbohydrate and sugar. Furthermore, it contains increased fibre, digestive enzymes and probiotics. These changes seek to reduce unwanted side effects, making the VLCD more acceptable and, therefore, improving compliance.