lose fat diet



Over the last few years I have found that I have got fat! My diet and lifestyle did not change all that much, but I found I was putting on the kilo’s.  It wasn’t even me who noticed. One Sunday afternoon, I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and my wife looked at me and said, “You’re getting fat!”  After I got over the shock, I took a long look at myself in the mirror and it slowly dawned on me that she was right.  So, how did it happen?

This is my 6 reasons of things that I was doing to help put on the unwanted kilograms

  1. I was drinking sugary beverages.  I have since found out that sugary beverages are one of the most fattening items in most homes.  I am not only talking about Coke and Pepsi; I am also talking about the “healthier” beverages like fruit juices and flavoured water.  So basically, avoiding ALL sugary beverages, I found, was an excellent, and not too difficult, way of starting to lose weight.
  2. I was drinking too much alcohol. This one was much harder than number one.  I like having a drink.  Especially after a long week at work!  Beer, wine and sugary drinks are the worst and are very high in calories and the alcohol itself has calories.  If you want to have a drink, stick to spirits mixed with soda water or zero-category beverages. Probably, the best solution is not to drink at all – at least for a period of time.
  3. I was NOT drinking enough water. It was my doctor who pointed this out to me, and I was very surprised.  Keeping hydrated helps increase the calories you burn. It has also been shown that if you drink water before a meal you will often eat less food.
  4. I was not keeping track of what I was eating.  Finding out what I was eating (and how much I was eating) was a revelation to me. It was very interesting to see what I honestly ate in a day. I was surprised how many “little snacks” I had in a day and how many calories these were adding to my day, and in the end, my weight!
  5. I was not eating whole foods.  I love a lunch of “Chicken and Chips” from the local shopping centre! I ate it once a week. The problem is that these foods don’t fill you up.  Good wholesome foods tend to be much more filling than processed foods. Sure, I still have chicken, but now I have replaced meals with a shake from Formulite, or with a balanced meal followed by fruit and at the end of lunch, I am satisfied and full and it helps towards my weight loss success. Which leads me to my next point.
  6. My fast food addiction. I love KFC. I don’t eat what I thought was that often (probably once a fortnight) but I love it.  It wasn’t until I wanted to change my lifestyle and eating habits, I realised HOW much I believed I needed it.  I would often go weeks not eating food and then, suddenly, it would sneak up on me and I would be eating KFC for lunch. Like any addiction, right up to eating it I “wanted”, almost feeling like I “need” it – it wasn’t until I had finished eating it, I remembered how horrible it really is and how many calories I had just literally swallowed.

The above article is a common story amongst Australians and displays the 6 main things that people find hard to change. Formulite helps many people overcome obesity and can help you maintain a healthy weight.