Here are a few tips and tricks from Savina Rego, Dietitian and Nutrition Scientist, on how to enjoy the festive season and maintain a balance.

Tips to Stay Healthy This Festive Season

  1. Keep Active– Make the effort to keep moving and active during the festive season. Think evening walks, backyard or beach cricket or pool games.
  2. Stick to regular meals – Avoid skipping meals, sticking to regular meals will prevent you from over     eating later. We are also less selective when hungry so you will be doing yourself no favours.
  3. Be wise with liquid calories– limit your consumption of sugary drinks like soft drinks and fruit juice, where possible select diet or no added sugar drinks or infused mineral water.
  4. Snack wisely – Be mindful when it comes to grazing on snacks at parties, pick the ones you enjoy the most and pass on the others.
  5. Be alcohol aware – often people overlook the calories alcohol provide. Three to four alcoholic drinks can quickly add up to the same amount of calories as a filling meal. Try selecting plain or sparkling water between alcoholic drinks to keep hydrated and to prevent drinking too much.

Christmas is ONE day – enjoy the day without guilt or deprivation. Remember it is often the daily choices we make rather than the small indulgences that lead to weight gain. Keep Christmas treats like fruit mince pies for Christmas and not the days following.

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